An association dedicated to the preservation of traditional archery.


The Southern Traditional Archery Assn. Inc.

was  incorporated in 2002   to preserve

traditional archery.


The association is controlled by a board of directors and the members.


The  S.T.A. Assn  supports the legislative efforts and is an affiliate of the   Mississippi Bowhunters Assn.



The S.T.A. Assn hosts benefit shoots for  organizations such as Catch-A-Dream   and will host shoots for  any worthy benefit  org. .




To contact the  association or need information on shoots or have an announcement to have added to the site contact...
















Southern  Traditional Schedule

february   23        enid lake    persimmon hill

May        18 19-  Enid  Jerry Pierce Memorial

June        22-23    Enid  Catch-A-Dream   benefit shoot

September  21-  Enid,

all shoote at  enid lake  persimmon hill  campground

one round ,  one weapon ,  scoreing  range only. $10.00

,, all day  $20.00,,  weekend,,, $ 25.00

 hunter range  $ 10.00 each round, each weapon.

crybaby range  $10.00   each time 

for more info see pat or larry at the  registration booth

Due to the inclement weather we have scheduled another makeup shoot for next weekend , on the 2nd of marc

Yall come , we will sell you   hot burgees and  dogs, and  chips and  drinks   cheeeeeeep, .




I am  back

from a  long absence.  to the left in the new schedule.  the first shoot is a  get together

shoot  and to raise a bit of money  to help members  or the  southern traditional family .

 the  pierce shoot  is to give us opperating funds and  target replacement   money.

the  benefit  shoot  profits go to help  catch a  dream org. send  critically and  terminally ill kids  on  once in a  lifetime  hunting and fishing trips.  parents and  sibs go with them to  enjoy the trip with them...

Doctor  Marty  Brunsen,,, you done good sir.

come  enjoy the  fun, meet some of the finest people   you ever will. we do not put a strain on competition, we stress  fun and fine food, and friends.

being a  traditional  archery organization we do not  use compounds or  cross bows,

we have some  folks who  can and will teach the basics if you need a  suggestion or two,  i am a  certified by the  4-h  archery instructor, rhet is a good teacher and  entertainment.

artie is another and  rusty is a good teacher also.

if your child is  old enough to  walk , he,she, is old enough to  shoot,

  i will bring a  large assortment of bows and arrows to help your learn what you need,   we have vendors who supply all types of bows we have one who will custom make bows for any age shooter,,, | hint,,,, he is grouchy, not as pretty as i am. but he loves ,archery, kids and making beautiful bows, and | and is good at it. come join us   if you need a bow maybe we can arrange a  loaner along with an instructor.