An association dedicated to the preservation of traditional archery.


The Southern Traditional Archery Assn. Inc.

was  incorporated in 2002   to preserve

traditional archery.


The association is controlled by a board of directors and the members.


The  S.T.A. Assn  supports the legislative efforts and is an affiliate of the   Mississippi Bowhunters Assn.



The S.T.A. Assn hosts benefit shoots for  organizations such as Catch-A-Dream   and will host shoots for any worthy benefit organization..




To contact the  association or need information on shoots or have an announcement to have added to the site contact...




to get to the  enid shoots  go to exit 233 ,,,,  14 miles south of Batesville take the road across the dam and look for the banner on the left side of the road. {don't cross the bridge across the freeway} 



To get to Learned.


From Jackson;  Take I-20 west to Hyw 18 south. (Raymond  Road), go through Raymond, take right on Oakley-Palestine Road (sign;Brown Loam Experiment Station) Turn left on Learned/Oakley Road  at Oakley Training School... Cross three bridges and look for Learned Road. Turn rightt on Learned road and look for the  3-D  sign,,


From vicksburg;


on  Hiway 61  go across I-20 and it becomes  hwy 27, follow 27 past the  Big Black Bridge and turn left on Canada Crossroads, stay on this road until it dead ends,,  the name will change, keep on keeping on to Old  Port Gibson Rd. turn left, go under the  Natchez Trace and turn right on Learned Road.. just as you enter the  village  look for the signs to the shoot.

 .   those of you coming from oakley traing school ,, cross three bridges and look for the sign at the pasture gate..  for those of you coming from

 the west into learned go to the dead end and turn left and look for the signs  at the pasture gate...  If it rains  the registration will be at jack's mama's house,,, just follow the signs we will be sure to put out enough.


I will post the shooting schedules as soon as i have them,, if you want your schedule posted here , send it to me at the address.










Lost tribe schedule is in the schedule page, I will post more as I get them

Southern  Traditional Schedule

March     29-30    Learned

April        12-13    Learned

May         17-18    Enid  Jerry Pierce Memorial

June        28-29    Enid   Catch-A-Dream benefit shoot.   

The shoot was successful beyond our expectations. 

Thank You's to all of us who made it possible.

two new shoots for the schedule.

August 23  at Learned, a  one day shoot to raise money for gravel to upgrade the road to the  shoot site .

This is a really necessary project, during  rainy weather the road is sloppy and hard to navigate, past shoots have  paid for improvements  but more is  needed, jack said,, if you can't come and shoot this time send a few dollars to make it easier  the next time.

The second new shoot is on October the 18th, just a fun gettogeather   at the George P. Cossar state park  at the  Jones Creek campground, a one day shoot to relax and enjoy,

All of  us can camp together {don't start that,,, artie does not snore that loud} 

  For 20.00 dollars you can shoot till your arm falls off, one range 30 targets with two stakes, one   a scoreing range and the second stake is the  hunter range,  loads of fun, burgers, hot dogs for eats,  talk about all the folks who don't  come. ,,, tell lies about the one  you missed,

what more could you want,

See yall at both new shoots...